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Digging Deeper Vol. 19

Consider Blueberries As Perfect Choice for Edible Landscape As summer gets underway, there is still time to get out and install additions or make adjustments to our ever-changing plans for the home landscape, as long as we utilize container-grown plants with healthy and stable root systems.  With the early fruits and vegetables just becoming available… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 18

Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads

Consider Uncommon Edibles For Home Landscape As we browse our 2013 seed catalogs and make our final decisions on what varieties to add to our upcoming spring vegetable garden, there is still some six weeks of winter left to add new plantings to our home landscapes.  The continued chilly temperatures of February and March, coupled… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 17

South Carolinian Introduces Poinsettias To U.S. As you browse through the bounty of choices of locally-grown poinsettias at Head-Lee Nursery, know that a South Carolinian discovered this treasured “Christmas Flower” in Mexico in the early 1800s, and was solely responsible for sending it back to friends living here and thus creating an industry which has… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 16

Yellow Jewelweed (Impatiens pallida) Flower

“Jewelweed Juice” Helps Relieve Skin Irritations A friend had discovered a “shrub-like” wildflower on a visit to Whitewater Falls, and the remnants of the orange flowers and leaves she brought back for me to identify were just too shriveled and dried, and so I knew I could count on Bill Head at Head-Lee Nursery to… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 15

Fall Is Best Time To Plant Although most of the larger commercial garden centers tend to cut back on their landscape offerings this time of year and feature indoor foliage plants, fall and winter are actually the optimum seasons for new plantings and remodeling in the landscape.  This includes trees, shrubs, perennials and herbs.  By… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 14

Moonflower (Ipomea alba) Blooms Evening Into Night (Flash Illuminated)

Bring In Fall Plant Wish List Now We just got our copy of the fall catalog from Plant Delights Nursery near Raleigh, NC, so it’s definitely time for you to finalize plans for fall and winter renovations or additions to your landscape and get your plant wish lists down to the staff at Head-Lee Nursery… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 13

The heat and lack of rainfall continue to take their toll on vegetable and ornamental gardens alike, and we’ve still got 7 weeks of summer left before fall arrives to hopefully give us some relief, and it will be time to plant our fall vegetables and additions to our home landscapes.  We’ve been growing many… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 12

Whether or not you attribute it to “global warming,” there certainly seems to be a shift in our climatic weather patterns over the last 10-15 years that trends toward extended periods of above normal temperatures accompanied by moderate to severe drought conditions.  This has caused our underground water tables to fall drastically, making it ever… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 11

Edible Forest Gardens 2-Volume Set

If you’ve been gardening as long as I have, then you know how much careful and timely observation and how much manual labor can be involved in the care and maintenance of even a small landscape.  Now that I am a “retired” horticulturist, I recently discovered an up-and-coming return to an ancient gardening method that… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 10

Oh what amazing growth and fruiting occurs in the vegetable garden when regular rainfall does the watering versus irrigation!  There must be some very special nutrients and minor elements that come in nature’s raindrops that we simply can’t duplicate with hand watering.  The proof is in the harvest, and this week we’ve been picking bagfuls… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 9

For those of you, like us, who have limited space to utilize in your landscape, plant breeders in recent years have intensified their focus on selecting “dwarf” varieties of many popular plants, shrubs and trees so that all gardeners can grow more of these specimens in the landscape and even in containers on patios and… Read More

Digging Deeper Vol. 8

Recent rainfalls, accompanied by more seasonal temperatures, have done much to ease the immediate drought stress on our gardens and lawns, but as vigilant gardeners, we need to keep a close watch on moisture conditions.  With summer just slightly more than a month away, those daily highs will be climbing into the upper 80’s and… Read More